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Brand Protection

Discover and mitigate online threats to your brand and customer experience.

Instant Notification

Protect your brand and customer experience. Real-time alerting informs you when threats arise so that your organization can respond quickly.

Automated Detection

Our software automatically detects cyber threats within your digital properties and discovers digital footprint associated with your brand.

Expert Support

Brand protection situations sometimes get complicated. Get expert support on how to mitigate risk and take down threats.

Mitigate Risk to Your Brand

Competitors, counterfeiters, and other bad actors use legal and illegal means of attacking your brand reputation. Stay on top of the leakage of intellectual property, counterfeiters selling off-label products, trademark infringements, intentional and unintentional brand infringements, cyber attacks, and phishing activities.

Detect Brand Abuse

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Detect Data Breaches

Brand Protection with Social Media and Dark Web Risk Analytics

DigitalStakeout provides you the tool required to detect threats and hazards across the full spectrum of the web. Intuitive investigative tools make it easy for analysts to perform searches and quickly attribute threats to their origin.

Manage Reputation

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Protect Customer Experience

Build Security Resilience with DigitalStakeout Brand Protection

  • “I’ve reduced the time and effort needed to discover physical and cyber threats with a purpose-built tool that can monitor and analyze social and dark web data.”
  • “Our analysts can work together seamlessly and efficiently in one tool to conduct investigations and to monitor for physical and cyber threats.”  
  • “I now have visibility into threats external to the organization that I need to mitigate competitive, regulatory and technological risks to our global enterprise.”
  • “Using this tool, we mitigate and recover quicker from incidents that do occur, protect our brand and reputation and take efforts to prevent costly regulatory sanctions, operational disruption, and revenue loss.”  
  • “This technology helps protects our IP and key personnel. Investing in this technology helps prevent incidents that would result in serious financial losses and damage to our company’s brand and value.”  

Analyze Sentiment

Demonstrate Compliance

Customer Success Stories

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