Competitors, counterfeiters, and other bad actors use legal and illegal means of attacking your brand reputation. Many organizations struggle to stay on top of the leakage of intellectual property, counterfeiters selling off-label products, trademark infringements, intentional and unintentional brand infringements, cyber attacks, and phishing activities. Surface, social, deep, and dark web channels open up opportunities to safe guard your brand. But manual techniques and risk analysts need precision tools to monitor and analyze the vast amounts of available data.

With DigitalStakeout, you can protect your brand from physical, operational, and cyber threats. The software is powerful but easy to use, helping you broaden your reputation risk landscape and deepen your understanding of potential threats to your brand. Built-in use cases filter out false positive alerts and irrelevant noise. With DigitalStakeout, you have the power to get actionable information without engaging costly vendor services. Help keep your brand reputation safe with the most advanced tools available.

Cluster and link analysis with DigitalStakeout.

Perform advanced brand monitoring for:

  • Account Awareness
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Customer Experience
  • Cyber Activism
  • Fraud Protection
  • Monitor the usage of corporate accounts to ensure integrity and compliance.
  • Stop phishing attacks before they escalate and impact customer experience.
  • Perform automated discoveries of threats and vulnerabilities with built-in use cases.
  • Improve search and filter abilities with intuitive tools easy enough for non-technical use.
  • Perform advance threat analysis with location-based search tools.
  • Stay informed with automated alerting based on discoveries of content matching search criteria.

DigitalStakeout analytics translate discoveries from social media, deep web and dark web into meaningful insights to uncover risk to brand and your customer experience.

Analyze geospatial risk with DigitalStakeout

Location-based Analytics

Uncoverl risk with DigitalStakeout pivots.

Time-based Pivot Analytics

Natural language processing with DigitalStakeout.

Sentiment Analytics

Cluster and link analysis with DigitalStakeout.

Cluster & Link Analysis

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