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DigitalStakeout Features

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5. Dissemination

OSINT Alerts


Minimize alert fatigue with DigitalStakeout's real-time alerting system. Receive instant notifications on critical security threats for rapid response.

4. Analysis



Centralize threat management with a customizable intelligence console. Access advanced search, filtering, and data management for comprehensive security analysis.

4. Analysis

OSINT Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enhance threat intelligence with automated, AI-driven data enrichment. Improve workflows and situational awareness through advanced entity extraction techniques.

1. Discovery

Domain and IP Intelligence provides organizations with the ability to access extensive DNS and web intelligence records, enabling thorough investigation of domain-related threats.

Domain IP Intelligence

Investigate domain-related threats with extensive DNS and web intelligence. Access comprehensive data for in-depth digital investigations and risk assessment.

3. Processing

Entity Extraction

Enhance threat detection with comprehensive entity recognition. Identify and categorize over 5 million entities for superior intelligence gathering and analysis.

3. Processing

Geo Enrichment

Enhance location-based threat intelligence with precise geo-tagging. Gain unparalleled geographical context for comprehensive security risk assessment.

2. Collection

Malicious Ads

Google Ads Monitor

Protect brand integrity in digital advertising spaces. Track and analyze potential threats in Google Ads to prevent reputation damage and fraud.

2. Collection

Dark Web Threat

Dark Web Monitoring

Uncover hidden cyber threats with specialized dark web intelligence gathering. Gain real-time insights into data breaches and illicit activities for proactive security.

2. Collection

Exposed PII and Doxxing

PII Monitor

Protect sensitive data with advanced personal information monitoring. Detect and analyze exposed PII across the web to prevent privacy breaches and data leaks.

5. Dissemination


Seamlessly integrate threat data with RESTful API capabilities. Enhance existing security stacks with DigitalStakeout's comprehensive threat intelligence.

3. Processing

Sentiment Analytics

Identify high-risk content with deep sentiment analytics. Utilize context classification to detect hate speech and volatility in online communications.

1. Discovery

Web Intelligence

Access diverse online threat data with advanced search capabilities. Analyze content from surface web, dark web, and deep web sources for comprehensive security insights.

4. Analysis

Word Lists

Word Lists

Enhance threat detection efficiency with DigitalStakeout's customizable word lists. Manage keywords across security tools for streamlined monitoring and analysis.

3. Processing

Automatic Keyword Translation

Expand global threat intelligence with AI-powered multilingual keyword monitoring. Detect threats across language barriers for comprehensive security coverage.

4. Analysis

OSINT Dashboard


Visualize complex threat landscapes with customizable security dashboards. Transform data into actionable insights for enhanced threat understanding and response.

Data Sources

Access diverse and comprehensive threat data from multiple online sources. Leverage continuously updated web intelligence tailored to specific security requirements.

2. Collection

Domain Abuse

Domain Monitor

Prevent domain-based attacks with proactive monitoring. Track domain registrations, hostnames, and certificates to detect and mitigate malicious activities.

3. Processing

Field Extraction

Optimize threat data processing with automatic field extraction. Ensure efficient data filtering and triage for streamlined security operations and analysis.

1. Discovery

Discover content based on geographical location and data from the surface web, social media, and the dark web, providing context for location-specific threats.

Geo Intelligence

Identify location-specific security risks with geo-intelligence features. Analyze global public location-based content for quick, localized threat assessment.

2. Collection

Negative Search Result

Google Search Monitor

Safeguard online reputation with Google search result tracking. Monitor brand-related content in search engines to identify and address potential risks.

2. Collection

Breaking News

News Monitoring

Stay ahead of emerging threats with live news monitoring. Gain real-time insights into local, national, and international security-related news.

1. Discovery

Perform a reverse search on on a person.

People Search

Enhance individual risk assessment with in-depth people search capabilities. Discover and analyze person-specific information across multiple online data sources.

RSS Monitor

Stay informed on emerging threats with efficient RSS feed monitoring. Track any RSS/Atom feed for the latest relevant security information and updates.

2. Collection

Online Imposter

Social Media Account Discovery

Protect against digital fraud with comprehensive social account discovery. Identify existing and new social media presences across 750+ networks.

2. Collection

Malicious Web Post

Web Page Collector

Stay ahead of online threats with proactive web page monitoring. Track key website changes and receive alerts for timely security responses.

5. Dissemination

OSINT Workflow


Streamline threat intelligence processes with advanced workflow automation. Boost efficiency in task management, data tagging, and information sharing for improved security operations.

4. Analysis

OSINT Investigation

Boolean Search

Refine threat detection with advanced Boolean search capabilities. Achieve precise results in real-time and historical data analysis for improved security insights.

Data Aggregation

Unify threat intelligence through comprehensive data consolidation. Aggregate information from diverse sources for a holistic view of your security posture.

4. Analysis

Data Tagging

Optimize threat analysis with user-defined conditional tagging system. Utilize automated workflow rules for precise, customized intelligence categorization.

2. Collection

Email Threat

Email Collector

Protect against email-based threats with advanced monitoring. Analyze incoming emails for phishing attempts to physical threats.

3. Processing

Folders & Tenants

Improve threat data organization with flexible multi-modal structures. Streamline data segregation and management for enhanced security efficiency.

2. Collection

Location Threat

Geo Location Monitor

Monitor location-based security threats in real-time. Analyze geo-tagged and geo-inferred data to detect risks in specific geographical areas.

4. Analysis

Historical Search

Gain contextual insights with comprehensive historical search capabilities. Access and analyze specific threat data from designated time ranges.

2. Collection

Social Media Threat

Social Media Tracking

Gain real-time insights into social platform security risks. Detect and analyze harmful activities, data breaches, and reputation threats across social media.

2. Collection

Exposed System

Port Scanner

Secure network perimeters with automated external port scanning. Detect potential exposures in public-facing assets to minimize cybersecurity risks.

4. Analysis

Saved Views

Improve threat analysis efficiency with saved search functionalities. Access streamlined filtering views for quick and effective security risk assessment.

4. Analysis

Translated Content

Overcome language barriers in threat intelligence with automatic translation. Understand global content effortlessly using integrated translation technology.

Webhook Collector

Enhance threat data accessibility with flexible webhook integration. Push security logs, events, and documents via webhooks for seamless analysis.

Browser Extension

Streamline web-based security investigations with DigitalStakeout's powerful browser tool. Easily collect, document, and archive online content for thorough threat analysis.

1. Discovery

Search compromised data and exposed credentials.

Data Breach Search

Proactively identify data breaches with extensive search capabilities. Scan web and dark web sources to protect assets from potential information exposure.

OSINT Discovery


Uncover hidden security risks with AI-powered Intelligent Discovery™ technology. Leverage advanced algorithms to automatically identify potential threats and incidents.

5. Dissemination

Email Templates

Email Templates

Streamline security communications with customizable email alert templates. Maximize operational efficiency in threat intelligence sharing and incident reporting.

2. Collection

Fraudulent Website

FrontPage Monitor

Safeguard digital presence with front page website monitoring. Detect and analyze new websites matching keywords or brand names to prevent digital fraud.

3. Processing

Geo Tagged Data

Maximize threat intelligence with enriched geo-tagged information. Gain precise geographical insights for comprehensive location-based security analysis.

Blog Monitoring

Enhance threat awareness through comprehensive blog content analysis. Scan millions of posts to identify relevant security discussions and potential risks.

OSINT Monitors


Track security events across diverse open-source intelligence channels. Stay informed on multiple threat vectors with efficient multi-modal monitoring.

2. Collection

Abusive Account

Profile Tracker

Enhance social media threat detection with real-time profile tracking. Ensure proactive risk management across various social platforms and networks.

3. Processing

Security Risk Classification

Enhance security management with machine learning-based risk detection. Automatically identify and categorize data into relevant security incident types.

1. Discovery

Search for social media screen names.

Social Media Profile Search

Conduct thorough digital presence investigations with advanced search tools. Discover online profiles associated with specific identifiers across social networks.

1. Discovery

Discover websites by their frontpage content, social media links, or unique meta tags, keeping you informed about potential threats, competitive strategies, and industry trends. DigitalStakeout's Website Finder is a sophisticated tool designed for professionals in OSINT, cybersecurity, and research.

Website Finder

Uncover potential online threats with sophisticated website discovery tools. Find websites based on content, social links, or meta tags for comprehensive threat intelligence.

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