Open Source Intelligence Tool

DigitalStakeout is an open source intelligence tool. Get real-time visibility, analytics, and workflow capabilities from surface web, social media, dark web, and Internet data. It enables limitless security and risk management applications.


DigitalStakeout Scout is a fully managed and cloud-delivered OSINT tool with no software or hardware to digitalstakeout scout works

DigitalStakeout Scout offers a modular, simple and scalable way to leverage open source data from the web to detect critical events and emerging threats across social media, the dark web and the digital world.

Access the Data You Need

Data Sources & Integrations with visibility into billions of data points across surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet.

Organize & Scale Your Collection

Monitors are modules that enable analyst to create feeds context specific feeds from highly organized and structured data sources.

We Enrich Your OSINT Data

Enrichment processes that use machine learning, natural language processing and AI to automatically spot important information in 20+ security and risk mitigation categories.

Save Time Triaging & Searching Data

Automated Data Tagging enables users to use automation to annotate records for use case specific investigation, analysis and workflows.

Create Boolean Real-Time Alerts

Real-time Alerting alarms you to discoveries and critical information that matches your criteria monitor or Boolean search criteria.

Search and Pivot Through Your Data

Boolean & Linked Data Search enables time-based search, investigation and analysis of all your aggregated monitor datasets.

Visualize and Analyze Data On-Demand

Dashboard & Analytics enable analysts to create use-case specific dashboards to visualize data, metrics, and support data-driven decision-making from enriched information.

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