Geo-Location Based Filtering

 Everything happens in the world at a location. DigitalStakeout’s propriety enriched location data provides your unmatched visibility into what’s associated to a location on the Web.

Identify and respond to events based on geographies and locations with location-based intelligence.

Many organizations struggle with the need to identify important information related to specific geographies and places. Location-based social media channels provide the opportunity to monitor for risk by location. There is also a sea of information on the web created every day that can be geo-inferred and associated to a place or location. DigitalStakeout Scout enables you to define key geographic locations with geo-fences, monitor multiple locations simultaneously, screen native geo-tagged and geo-inferred public content by location.

Monitor your locations for risk events and highly contextual insights.

We live in a disruptive world where breaking incidents can occur at any time. You need to have the power to get “ground truth” when these incidents occur. Location-based monitoring enables you to know what’s happening on the ground. If an incident occurs, location-based information can provide an immediate feedback loop that enables better data-driven decisions. DigitalStakeout Scout automated enrichment and data classification automatically illuminates high risk situations so you can focus on responding to the situation on the ground.

location based analysis from web and social media content
filter your content and mentions by location

Filter any of your mention data to discover location-based and location-inferred data.

DigitalStakeout automatically extracts and normalizes your data into 50+ entity types, including locations. DigitalStakeout Scout automated data enrichment spots locations in your mentions to illuminate unseen geographic context. Simply query your mention data by location entities such as city, state, country or place. You can also geo-fence your data with a filter for a larger geographic view of your mentions. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you have the power to filter by time and location.

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