digitalstakeout digital risk monitoring

DigitalStakeout Technology

Detect, triage and analyze digital risk incidents on the surface, social and dark web.

Gain valuable insight with our advanced analytics powered by machine learning.

With DigitalStakeout, you’ll see results at every stage of the threat-intelligence maturity process, from your first search and beyond. DigitalStakeout Scout enables more comprehensive monitoring of deeper data and delivers only the most relevant, actionable information.

The DigitalStakeout team will be working with you side by side to ensure that you’re always on the cutting edge of digital threat-intelligence. Most importantly, you’ll also have access to expert customer support every step of the way.

Prevent Blindspots

Coverage on a billion+ sources of public information from the surface, social and dark web in 110 languages and 120 countries.

Protect Immediately

Out of the box, Scout detects common threats and risks to provide immediate value and protection with your first monitor.

Consantly Evolve

Our platform adapts to emerging threats at the speed of change. Our research team is updating signatures from research and customer feedback every day.

Focus on Analysis

Automated field creation using natural language processing and named entity extraction enables a “search within search” capability.

Filter by Location

Results are localized by geo-tag, geo-inference, geo-ip to enable location-based filtering and analysis capabilities.

Save Time

Reduce labor intensive tasks of manually reviewing, searching and sorting discoveries with pre-defined Wordlists built by neural network algorithms.

Gain Insight

Intuitive visualizations and entity analytics deliver on-demand and historical risk analysis and meaningful and actionable insights.

Integrate and Streamline

Enrich your current security tools and streamline current processes by consuming alerts and discoveries with a simple JSON API.