Social Media Security

Mitigate the digital and physical risk of using social media for business.

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Manage and mitigate the risk social media use introduces to your organization and personnel.

Social media has proven itself to be a valuable tool for those who want to exploit the sharing of public data for nefarious purpose. Social media users are usually unaware of risk that comes with social media threats, location disclosure and over sharing. Threats are carefully crafted to appear legitimate and in the high pace of social media, it’s easy to click on malicious content. Over sharing provides a wealth of information that allows social media to be used as a weapon. DigitalStakeout enables you to mitigate the risk of social media threats posed by criminals, competitors, governments and other third-parties.

What Are The Key Elements of Successful Social Media Security?

Instant Notification

Real-time social media monitoring & alerting informs you when threats strike and oversharing and personal disclosures are detected. You must be aware of social media threats so you can respond quickly to mitigate risk to people and prevent reputation damage.

Automated Detection

Differentiated social media security software automatically detects privacy risk, personal information, and risk events that that warrant a response to enforce social media policy or maintain regulatory compliance. It should be intelligent to detect cyber threats, physical threats and other hazards.

Expert Support

There are many layers to a comprehensive social media risk mitigation strategy. From handling social media account sprawl to protecting multiple brands and products, organizations need expert support on how to configure a social media protection, detect risk events with accuracy, minimal false positives and achieve a return on investment.


Social Media Security with DigitalStakeout

The DigitalStakeout platform enables you to discover and track your digital footprint on social media to detect, analyze and mitigate social media threats 24 x 7 x 365. Intuitive investigative tools make it easy for non-technical users to configure social media monitors and review discoveries.

web presence monitor

Web Presence Monitor

Our proprietary Canvass technology discovers owned and unauthorized web facing accounts associated with your brand and employees. With web presence monitor, you can persistently inventory, alert and get support to investigate or take down accounts that increase privacy risk or that are malicious, fraudulent or infringe on your brand.

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location monitor

Location Monitor

Location monitor enables you to define key geographic locations, monitor multiple locations simultaneously, screen native geo-tagged and geo-inferred social media content for risk, and delineate social media coverage by location.

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social media monitor

Social Media Monitor

Social media monitor alerts you when threats and hazards to your brand, employees and locations are detected. Scout automatically detects cyber threats, physical threats, and breaking events that warrant an immediate response.

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