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Protective Intelligence and Executive Protection

Use protective intelligence to assure the security of employees, executives and organizational assets.

What is Protective Intelligence?

Protective intelligence is the proactive action a executive protection service or team takes to identify and mitigate threats to a protectee(s). The action you take as a result of the intelligence you have gathered enables you to implement sound risk reducing countermeasures to disrupt or deter a threat to your protectee(s).

The Most Common Layers of Protective Intelligence

  • Identifying threats and vulnerabilities with the situational 5Ws (who, what, where, why and how).
  • Assessing the dangerousness of each threat or vulnerability to each specific protectee or asset.
  • Maintaining situational awareness of the threat with persistent monitoring and analysis.
  • Validating and practicing incident response for likely scenarios that can impact the protectee.

Use Real-time OSINT to Make Your Protection Team Better

Are you using real-time open source intelligence to assure the security of employees, executives, and organizational assets?

As organizations leverage new technology and digital platforms to improve business processes, they also increase organizational risk. High-performance organizations recognize the need to manage this risk with sophisticated and effective risk management solutions. Our cloud-based security intelligence solution enables security and risk professionals to use data from the web for risk mitigation and to protect assets, employees, and reduce external risk.

DigitalStakeout offers a revolutionary way to simplify protective intelligence for decision makers, risk managers and security professionals who want to use OSINT from online sites, social media, and the dark web to protect employees, executives and other assets. Our proprietary cloud-based solution offers easy to configure feeds, 24 x 7 coverage, user-defined alerts, and a simple web-based portal to review and investigate discoveries, warnings, and incidents.

DigitalStakeout makes it possible to identify abnormal items within the noise and detect early indicators of exposures, incidents, and emerging threats. Simplifying the intelligence cycle with automated monitoring for risk in the digital world expands situational awareness. It radically improves access to actionable information before events occur or create additional damage in the real world.

“The DigitalStakeout platform has been vetted and has been proven to be a highly valuable service and has been deemed a critical requirement for mission support” – United States Department of State


DigitalStakeout Helps Security Professionals Spot Threats and Vulnerabilities

Detect and Act of Public Safety Threats in Real-time

Safety threats are sudden high-risk threats to life and property. Public safety activity or a site lock-down may be nearby where your employees are present and a person of interest is being engaged by law enforcement. In many cases, these events become rapidly shared on social media and can be detected with location-based social media. This intelligence provides organizations an opportunity to take proactive measures to communicate a shelter-in-place to reduce the immediate risk of harm.

Track the Dangerousness of Physical Threats

Unfortunately, social media is a gateway to deliver hate and threaten violence. Physical threats vary in degrees of danger. Dangerousness is the state in which individuals become likely to harm themselves or others, representing a threat to their own or other people’s safety. Organizations need to detect and assess the potential of digitally communicated threats becoming physical. Secondly, organizations need to understand what events may impact their employees’ physical security, locations, and events.

Detect and Respond to Operational Threats

In today’s 24×7 information cycles, organizations need to be aware of what’s impacting their operations and supply chain at all times. Failing to respond to an incident impacts the bottom line and deteriorates customer and stakeholder trust. In most cases, this incident information makes its way to social media before any other information source. Unintentional, technical, natural, and health hazards that can impact business operations need to be monitored and analyzed at all times.

Real-time Reputation and Sentiment Analysis

It takes years to build up a positive and trusted brand reputation. It can be destroyed with a few posts. Organizations should always watch for hate, offensive, and politically volatile language sourcing from employees, ambassadors, influencers, and official brand accounts. In today’s rapidly changing social environment, negative interactions and experiences can quickly turn into public calls for boycotts, protests, or legal action.

Reduce Cyber Exposure and Mitigate Cyber Threats

OSINT offers cyber threat actors a wealth of information to use in their nefarious acts. Oversharing information online enables cybercriminals to weaponize this information in social engineering and phishing campaigns. Bad actors create fake social media accounts or hijack hashtags to trick employees or customers into sharing confidential information. Disgruntled employees may intentionally leak confidential company information online. Hackers also advertise breached confidential data for monetary gain.

Protective Intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout™

DigitalStakeout Scout™ provides security visibility into the external and internal data you need track. Easily track and assess your security posture and correlate all discovered posts, events, and more. Security teams can leverage automatically enriched data to accelerate security investigations in a single, unified platform.

Unified Intelligence

Global Coverage

Threat Detection

Precision Alerting

Detect threats across a wide variety of data sources and monitoring environments.

Setup feeds and integrations from supported data sources in minutes.

Detect threats and critical events across all your data.

Reduce alert fatigue with precision alert creation.

assure the security of employees, executives, and organizational assets

DigitalStakeout enables protective intelligence teams to manage and monitor potential threats to your employees, places and assets. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can manage and maintain situational awareness threats, exposures and breaking events. You will be able to identify, assess, and mitigate threats that impact your security posture. When incidents emerge, our real-time alerting will give you the intelligence you need to quickly respond and defend against threats.

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