Location-Based Security

Detect and mitigate external security threats that emerge on location based social media with real-time threat intelligence.

What is Location Based Social Media?

Location-based social media is social media content that uses GPS features from device or Place features within the social media application to link content (post, image or video) to a location. Location-based social media enables users to tag any place in the world to give a piece of content location context. Location-based social media also enables users to search and filter content by location in a social media application.

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The Value of Location-Based Data for Security Teams

Many organizations struggle with the need to identify and mitigate risk related to specific geographies and places. Location-based social media monitoring provides this important contextual visibility into your organization’s locations, events, assets, and employees. Location-based content offers an opportunity to use this data to augment an organization’s threat detection and physical security controls. Since society has become so centered on social media, it offers organizations an avenue to tap into this valuable public data source and acquire “ground truth” when breaking events occur and the analytics to get insight into what’s happening on the ground. In many cases, location-based content is a faster source of information to a breaking event than breaking news or from the media.

Location Based Security Monitoring & Security Threat Intelligence

Mitigate Security Threats with Location Based Social Media Threat Intelligence

DigitalStakeout Scout combines content collection, machine learning, security threat intelligence and workflow automation into a single location-based social media monitoring tool. Our easy-to-use interface combined with powerful machine learning automation, deep learning algorithms, and advanced search capabilities allows organizations to generate a comprehensive risk landscape, visualize trends, and anticipate threats based on unique content that DigitalStakeout Scout discovers on location based social media.

Monitor for Threats and Vulnerabilities on the Location Based Social Media

DigitalStakeout Location Monitor enables you to define key geographic locations, monitor multiple locations simultaneously, screen native geo-tagged and geo-inferred social media content for risk, and delineate social media coverage by location.

Research Threats and Vulnerabilities on Location Based Social Media

Public location-based channels provide the opportunity to audit or review a location on-demand for localized information. DigitalStakeout Locus is a simple, location-based search tool that enables analysts to quickly search and filter public location based social media by location.

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