Digital Risk for Government

Maintaining situational awareness of digital risks is critical to mission success.

DigitalStakeout enables federal, state and local government to maintain situational awareness to mitigate digital risk. DigitalStakeout Scout enables you to achieve a unified view of external risk affecting your agency on digital channels. Built with extensive privacy controls and audit features to maintain citizen & data partner trust, DigitalStakeout is the first-and-only digital risk management product that enables agencies to manage digital risk and execute mission without infringing on citizen privacy and civil rights.

“A well‐designed and well‐managed continuous monitoring program can effectively transform an otherwise static and occasional security control assessment and risk determination process into a dynamic process that provides essential, near real‐time security status‐related information to senior leaders,” National Institute of Standards and Technology.”

Mitigate Threats to People, Places & Assets

Prevent over-shared or unwittingly disclosed information to becoming weaponized by criminals, competitors, governments and other third parties. DigitalStakeout Scout provides automated detection of cyber and physical threats directed at or sourced from agency social media accounts and personnel on social media, blogs and forums.


Detect & Respond to Critical Incidents

With location-based visibility on social media and mainstream news, DigitalStakeout Scout provides real-time alerting to breaking events. From incidents that affect the safety and operations of infrastructure, to risk events that have an immediate impact on citizens and agency response, DigitalStakeout enables agencies to quickly discover and triage external risk events.



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