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Location Based Intelligence

Keep your locations safe, reduce employee travel risk and be aware of emerging global threats with location-based intelligence.

What is Location Based Web Data?

Location-based web data is content (post, image or video) that is linked to a location or place. Location-based content is either natively geo-tagged by a device, application or individual publishing the content. If location-based data is not natively tagged, it is inferred by natural language processing and machine-learning technology. Inferred geo-tagging extracts geographic attributes from the web content and predicts the most applicable location to the data. While only up to 5% of security relevant content on the web is natively geo-tagged, up to 50% of web content can be location inferred providing context rich information about what is impacting a location, town, city, state or country.

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The Value of Location-Based Data for Security Teams

Many organizations struggle with the need to identify and mitigate risk related to specific geographies and places. Location-based web intelligence provides this important contextual visibility into your organization’s locations, events, assets, and employees. Location-based content offers an opportunity to use this data to augment an organization’s threat detection and physical security controls. Society has become entered on social media and  real-time information and news cycles. This information offers organizations an avenue to tap into this valuable public data source and acquire “ground truth” when breaking events occur and the analytics to get insight into what’s happening on the ground. In many cases, location-based content from the web is a faster source of information to a breaking event than breaking news or from the media.

Location Based Web Intelligence For Security & Risk Mitigation

Real-time Intelligence About Places That Matter the Most

DigitalStakeout Scout global web data and workflow automation provide our customers a powerful location-based security intelligence capability. Our easy-to-use interface combined with automatically enriched data enables organizations to focus on location based threats. We collect and pre-process web data from millions of sites from the web so analysts save valuable time and stay focused on assessing & responding to threats. Using proprietary processes and methods, we make it easier to develop security intelligence. DigitalStakeout Scout automatically detects 20+ categories of high risk posts inside your Scout geo-fences with minimal false positives. When a high-risk event is detected, users are alerted to the content immediately.

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