digitalstakeout physical threat detection

External Threat Detection for Financial Institutions

Detect market moving events and mitigate risk to your assets.

DigitalStakeout enables financial brands to prevent blind spots on social media that amplify risk. DigitalStakeout Scout enables financial institutions to monitor social media, blogs, forums, news and more. With DigitalStakeout Scout, financial institutions can acquire a unified picture from social media to the dark web yielding insights that help protect the bottom-line.

Respond Quickly to Crisis Events

Real-time alerting to breaking events and incidents that affect the safety and operations of operational facilities and to risk events that impact the bottom-line.

Mitigate Threats to People & Brand

Automated detection of threats directed or sourcing from brand social accounts, executives and employees on social media, blogs and forums.

Optimize Your Business

Optimize campaigns, products, messaging, and client engagement with accurate and deep consumer insights from social media and more.




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