DigitalStakeout Scout for Twitter

DigitalStakeout Scout for Twitter provides security and risk professionals access to compliant analytics and insights from real-time Twitter firehose content.

Purpose Built For Security & Risk Professionals

DigitalStakeout has years of experience maintaining compliance and innovating privacy and safety controls. Perform your security or risk management use case with confidence that you’ll stay compliant with Twitter’s security sector authorized practices, protect your reputation and maintain public trust in the process.

integrated management
Monitor For Critical Events on Twitter

Monitor the full fidelity firehose for critical and breaking events socialized on Twitter.

Get Alerted to Tweets in Real-time

Create real-time alerts to be notified immediately of what’s most important.

Search & Analyze Your Twitter Mentions

Perform search and analysis on your aggregated Twitter content.

“Twitter data can be of great value for a variety of use cases including asset protection and environmental disaster response.”

-Twitter, Security Sector Best Practices 2021

Twitter Analytics and Security Insights with DigitalStakeout Scout

DigitalStakeout Scout does the hard work by performing the necessary data enrichment and analytics to illuminate the security insights you need to act on what matters most. For example, DigitalStakeout Scout for Twitter automatically alerts corporate and cybersecurity teams to critical mentions and breaking events that impact your organization. In addition, we work with customers accessing Twitter content to keep all your feeds compliant with Twitter policies.


Demo DigitalStakeout Scout for Twitter

How DigitalStakeout Scout for Twitter Works

Configure Your Twitter Firehose Monitor

With no software to install, it’s easy to configure your Twitter firehose feed criteria in a simple web-based UI. Create your monitor with ease with less than one minute of effort.


Track Twitter for Important Mentions

Once your feed is quickly approved by our compliance team, your Twitter monitor will continuously search and aggregate public Twitter mentions. Our AI driven processors will normalize, tag and and store your enriched tweets.

Curate and Annotate Important Tweets

Drill down into Tweets with entity analytics, enabling time-saving tasks to detect and address important discoveries. Save time on repeated tasks with user-defined views in DigitalStakeout Scout using Boolean, faceted and entity search filters.

Share Your Discoveries and Alerts

Accelerate response to incidents with team workflow. Collaborate on triage, log your activity and share important discoveries with your team.

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