Data Protection

Protect your data and intellectual property, mitigate the risk of lost revenues and prevent the erosion of market trust with DigitalStakeout data protection.


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data protection
Data breach monitor analyzes the dark web and other sources for evidence of a exposed credentials.

Detect Leaked Credentials & Mitigate Account Takeovers

  • Customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders will fall victim to a public credential exposure.
  • Once an account takeover is successful, the consequences for your organization can be devastating.
  • Data Breach Monitor alerts you to data breach detections that warrant an immediate response.

Detect Sensitive Data Exposure on Digital Channels

  • Employees, customers, and third parties will unwittingly exposing sensitive data.
  • Threat actors are always collecting and exploiting exposed data as part of their campaigns.
  • DigitalStakeout Monitors automatically detect personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data.
Dark web monitor persistently scans anonymized sites, posts, forums and marketplaces for conversations and content pertaining to attacks, threats, and incidents that put your brand, employees, executives or customers at risk.
social media monitor

Maintain Situational Awareness on Data Breaches

  • Successful data protection incorporates social media monitoring to stay aware of cyber threats to your industry.
  • Detecting cyber threat and breaking event chatter that warrant an immediate response security is required for resilience.
  • Maintain real-time situational awareness on social media, blogs, forums and news sites with Social Media Monitor.

Protect your organization from external data exposure with automated monitoring and alerting.

DigitalStakeout delivers the broadest and deepest data visibility to extend data loss prevention to digital channels. Whether your data is exposed on social media, paste sites, forums or the dark web,  DigitalStakeout provides complete visibility to detect & remediate external data exposures.

Instant Notification

Real-time monitoring & alerting informs you when exposures are detected. Be aware so you can respond faster to mitigate the impact and cost of an exposure.

Automated Detection

Our software automatically detects data markings, identity information, and user-defined criteria that indicate a loss of confidential data.

Expert Support

Electronic data loss incidents are complicated. Get expert support on how to contain and mitigate the impact from a data exposure incident.

“DigitalStakeout allows us to efficiently perform unified monitoring of a disparate set of digital sources. DigitalStakeout’s automated threat detection algorithms advance our capability to efficiently manage and mitigate client threats.”

Jordan Arnold, Head of Private Client Services – K2 Intelligence

Data Protection with DigitalStakeout

DigitalStakeout provides you the tool and global visibility required to detect data exposures on the surface web, social media and the dark web. Intuitive investigative tools make it easy for non-technical users to configure monitoring and review discoveries.

  • Get real-time coverage of social, deep web, and dark web sources.
  • Automate alerting of incidents and anomalies with user-configured criteria.
  • Search and filter with intuitive tools easy enough for non-technical use.
  • Get expert support to investigate and remediate data exposures.

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