Cyber threat intelligence needs to evolve rapidly. Bad actors bombard organizations every day with impersonations, takeovers, scams and data leakage and directed threats. These cyber threats emerge in the virtual world but directly impact the material world. Malicious attackers can harm customer experience, disrupt business operations, damage a valuable reputation, and impact financial stability.

Bad actors are constantly innovating, advancing on the leading edge of technology evolution. Traditional scanning, monitoring, and remediation tools provide means of identifying and triaging threats but little advanced intelligence. Effective cyber threat intelligence must apply equally innovative techniques for advanced situational awareness of cyber threats.

Quickly and easily create analytics against target collections or monitors to create intuitive and meaningful visualizations of threat and risk data.

 Aggregate and analyze social media, deep web and the dark web data you want – you’re in control.

How DigitalStakeout can help

DigitalStakeout augments traditional cyber threat feeds and monitoring tools by both broadening the view of and deepening insight into the threat landscape. Our cyber threat intelligence solution screens open sources beyond the organizational perimeter to provide a more comprehensive cyber security context. Automated natural language processing and named entity extraction enables a “search within search” capability so analysts can quickly filter out noise to unearth valuable discoveries within findings.

DigitalStakeout Intelligent Discovery automatically prioritizes discoveries with insider threats, hacking claims, breech data, and personally identifiable information (PII). Cyber enrichment algorithms detect and extract associated network topology, WHOIS information, and reputation risks in real-time. This provides analysts immediate context to support attribution investigation. Our cyber threat analytics generate correlations, clusters, links, predictions, and trends for intelligent risk mitigation and anticipation of cyber threats and attacks. A simple REST API can quickly integrate discoveries with SIEM tools, such as the Splunk® REST API Modular Input.

Our approach to cyber threat intelligence

  • Monitor public social media, forums, deep web and the dark web in one centralized location 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Categorize posts automatically into 25+ security, safety, privacy, and reputation categories with best-in-class accuracy using machine learning algorithms.
  • Configure custom rule-based alerts to meet organizational needs.
  • Enhance risk analytics using intuitive visualizations and entity analytics to produce more meaningful insights.
  • Tag data with reference information using proprietary “enrichment” algorithms to add network and security context to posts.
  • Integrate discoveries into your SIEM platform with a REST API in real-time.
cyber threat intelligence entity analysis

Entity Level Search

cyber threat intelligence data collection

Social, Deep & Dark Web

cyber threat intelligence actor attribution

Threat Actor Attribution

cyber threat intelligence analytics & visualizations

Analytics & Visualizations

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