Critical Event Intelligence

Leverage real-time social media and data from the web to detect critical events that impact your organization.

Detect Critical Events in Real-time

When it comes to protecting your brand, organization, and personnel, situational awareness is a must. With DigitalStakeout real-time alerting, you will protect vital business processes & security that are critical to your organization. With global coverage and access to social media, web, darknet, and technical sources, you will identify risk events, threats and vulnerabilities to your assets, supply chain, and third-party vendors. With enterprise Twitter firehose access and 100M+ sources of web content collected daily, DigitalStakeout provides unparalleled visibility and situational awareness  to give you real-time alerts to critical events that matter to you the most.

assure the security of employees, executives, and organizational assets

Websites, Domains & Pages

Social Media & Dark Social

News, Blogs, Forums, & Reviews

Deep Web & Dark Web

Detect and Respond to Incidents with User-Defined Alerts

You have full control over the criteria you define as a feed and a critical alert. You can create simple or complex criteria alerts – you are in control. Create alerts for yourself or easily set up customized alerts to be distributed to your team.

user defined rules
location based analysis from web and social media content

AI-powered Enrichment Detects Operational Hazards

Whether its a weather incident, power outage, it outage, natural disaster or security incident, DigitalStakeout will automatically interrogate your data to expose unseen insights. With DigitalStakeout, you can create context by running automated rules to create valuable meta-data. With automated user-defined tagging, you can also create automated processing rules to “tag” discoveries that are most relevant to you and your team.

Create and Distribute Alerts The Way You Want

Using a library of pre-defined tokens, you can create custom email templates and assign them to individual alerting rules. You can customize the content of your email alerts and the recipients of your alerts.

create alert template

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