Improve Brand Protection with Brand Intelligence

Protect your brand and intellectual property from common brand abuse and attacks. Mitigate the risk of lost revenues and prevent the erosion of market trust with brand protection.

What is Brand Intelligence?

Brand intelligence is collecting brand data and discovering threats and insights about your brand. Discover nefarious actors exploiting and abusing your brand or product in an illegal scheme to copy, distribute and monetize fraudulent product. With brand intelligence you can engage in brand protection to take action to mitigate the risk of lost revenues and eroded market trust.

Discover brand abuse and mitigate threats to your brand and customer experience on digital channels.

With almost no effort, in the digital world nefarious actors can create digital footprint (websites, social media, e-commerce, apps, etc.) that looks like your brand and execute a monetization strategy to target your customers. The immediate impact of brand infringement to your business is lost revenue and eroded customer trust. Stay on top counterfeiters selling off-label products, trademark infringements and other brand attacks. DigitalStakeout delivers a methodical and scalable approach to discovering, monitoring and protecting brand’s authentic digital footprint to help defend against revenue loss.

Protect Your Brand From Abuse on Social Media

Protect your brand and web presence from hackers creating fake accounts. Customers, employees and partners can get phished into sharing personally identifiable information with bad actors. With DigitalStakeout you can detect and inventory 750+ websites for your web presence including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Monitor for malicious domain name registrations targeting your brand, employees and customers.

Respond to Typosquatting and Phishing on DNS

Maintaining situational awareness on domain registrations and domain activity is critical to digital risk protection. Bad actors will register domains that resemble your domains to target your organization and your customers. DigitalStakeout will detect and inventory domains that are malicious, fraudulent or infringe on your brand.

Discover Social Media Threats and Breaking Events

In today’s information cycles, real-time situational awareness to adapt to breaking events is critical to business. Emerging threats and breaking events warrant an immediate responses with no delay. DigitalStakeout provides global coverage of social media, blogs, forums, news and review sites and automatically detects threats, abusive posts and conversations about breaking incidents.

Dark web monitor persistently scans anonymized sites, posts, forums and marketplaces for conversations and content pertaining to attacks, threats, and incidents that put your brand, employees, executives or customers at risk.

Identify Emerging Threats & Tactics on the Dark Web

Tap into data from the dark web to detect risk events that will impact your business. Discover tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors to target your brand and customers. DigitalStakeout monitors the dark web to identify anomalous behavior and early indicators of threats to your brand.

Improve Brand Protection with Brand Intelligence from DigitalStakeout Scoutâ„¢

digital risk cyber threat intelligence dashboard

DigitalStakeout enables you to manage and monitor threats to your brand. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can manage and maintain situational awareness on all your digital assets. You will be able to detect and respond to the most common threats to your brand, presence and digital properties. When threats strike, our real-time alerting will give you the intelligence you need to quickly take down threats to your reputation and customer experience.

Instant Notification

Real-time alerting informs you when threats arise. Be aware so you can respond to protect your brand and customer experience.

Automated Detection

Our software automatically detects cyber threats within your digital properties and discovers digital footprint associated to your brand.

Expert Support

Online brand protection situations can get complicated. Get expert support on how to mitigate risk and take down threats.

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