Free Protective DNS Service

DigitalStakeout Securd offers a free protective DNS service to help you get started protecting endpoints from cyber threats.

Replace Your ISP DNS for Free

DigitalStakeout offers a subscription to DigitalStakeout Securd for security engineers and network administrators to get started with protective DNS. This free DNS service replaces organization’s ISP-provided DNS or existing recursive DNS service. When your endpoints (laptops, desktop, desktop, IoT devices) try to resolve a domain on the web, DigitalStakeout Securd blocks lookups to malicious, compromised, and untrusted domains. Get started with protecting your first 10 endpoints for free!

Help Combat Emerging Cyber Threats

We need to rid the world of phishing and ransomware. We need to make it a lot harder and expensive for cybercriminals to operate. The larger the sensor network we have for DNS activity, the more every subscriber benefits from every URL, hostname, and domain analyzed by our security technology. As a result, we mitigate a wide variety of direct and indirect cyber threats to all customers. Most importantly, our mission to make the Internet a more secure place and more difficult for cybercriminals to attack their victims’ advances with each participant.



“Selecting a protective Domain Name System (PDNS) service as a key defense against malicious cyber activity. Protective DNS can greatly reduce the effectiveness of ransomware, phishing, botnet, and malware campaigns by blocking known-malicious domains. Additionally organizations can use DNS query logs for incident response and threat hunting activities. CISA encourages users and administrators to consider the benefits of using a protective DNS service.”


How is this Protective DNS Service Different?

  • Use zero-trust to block exploits from using the DNS protocol to connect to C2 services, exfiltrate data and execute malware commands.
  • Harden and control DNS resolution with precision policies and timing mechanisms to reduce risk of a compromise, data breach or ransomware incident.
  • Analyze real-time DNS traffic metadata, including name and DNS records, to threat hunt and remediate compromises.
  • Comply with DNS filtering requirements such as CIPA, CMMC and NIST SP 800-137 continuous monitoring standards.

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