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Twitter Firehose Monitor

Gain Real-Time Insights with DigitalStakeout's Twitter Firehose Monitor: Create a Real-time Stream and Analytics from the Full Fidelity Twitter Firehose

Twitter Firehose Monitor

Twitter Firehose Monitor is a module provided by DigitalStakeout that allows organizations to monitor the full fidelity firehose of Twitter for critical and breaking events. This tool provides access to the entire Twitter stream, which includes all tweets, retweets, replies, and likes. 

With this module, organizations can monitor for mentions of their brand, products, or services, as well as track conversations and trends relevant to their industry.

This module also allows organizations to create real-time alerts to be notified immediately of the most important tweets. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that need to be aware of breaking news, crisis management, or customer service issues.

“Twitter data can be of great value for a variety of use cases including asset protection and environmental disaster response.”

-Twitter, Security Sector Best Practices 2021

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