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Build Your Own Dashboards to Gain Insight into Your Data and Threat Landscape


DigitalStakeout Scout's dashboard feature enables users to generate on-demand analytics for the last 15 minutes or the last 90 days. The system allows users to quickly switch between a granular and top-down view, providing a comprehensive understanding of the data. Users can also build custom dashboards to visualize activity across their aggregated data in real-time.

With this feature, users can monitor key metrics, alerts, and analytics to spot actionable information, trends, and matters that require action. This allows users to see what's happening inside their DigitalStakeout Scout data, and make informed decisions based on the insights provided.

The platform also includes a library of over 100 pre-defined charts and visualizations, which eliminates the need for users to spend time building visualizations themselves. This allows users to focus on analyzing the data and making informed decisions, rather than spending time on data visualization.

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout Scout plans and pricing.

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