Detect the Threat. Analyze the Impact. Act and Mitigate.

Scout is an analytics solution used by security and risk management teams that need to detect and mitigate threats on the the surface web, social media and the dark web.

Regain Control

Regain control of an expanding digital footprint and simplify the digital threat intelligence process by monitoring the surface, social and dark web in one solution.

Gain Insight

Gain insights through advanced analytics powered by machine learning to detect external risk events, triage in real-time situations and improve your security resilience.

Build Resilience

Dramatically reduce alert fatigue and facilitate risk management across operational, physical, and cyber divisions with smarter discovery and prescriptive alerts.

Global Coverage of Social Media, Surface Web, Deep Web, and the Dark Web.


  • Monitor

  • Analyze

  • Alert

  • Respond

  • Learn

  • Integrate

We make each step faster, easier, and more effective to protect what matters to you.

Detect and Mitigate Online Threats in Critical Digital Risk Categories

Executive Threats

Data Leaks

Brand Attacks

Cyber Threats

Physical Threats

IoT Risk

DigitalStakeout has an extremely flexible data model capable of aggregating information from a broad set of digital channels — including several dark web sources — and automatically applying a nearly limitless set of metadata and classifiers.


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Define the assets and information you need to protect with Scout monitors. Automatically monitor surface web, social media and the dark web to detect matches to your criteria 24 x 7.


Find what’s important with summary faceting of 50+ supported meta-data fields. Filter data with full-­text searches, searches by individual fields, and booleans to triage and respond to threats quickly.


Scout monitors for exposure to risk and user-defined criteria that are a threat to your organization. Review matches to risk criteria in Scout Console or receive user-defined email alerts.


Integrated workflow enables users to tag results, share discoveries, and assign tasks to the appropriate team member or department—boosting efficiency and incident response times.


Gain insight with pre-defined summary, comparative and trend analytics. Geo-spatial, cluster, and graph visualizations answer key questions, spot trends, and illuminate non-obvious insights.


DigitalStakeout Scout integrates into industry leading technology. Enrich your current security tools and streamline current processes by consuming alerts and discoveries with a simple JSON API.