How to Use Security Intelligence for Data Protection

Protect data and intellectual property, mitigate the risk of lost revenues and prevent the erosion of market trust with the coverage and visibility of DigitalStakeout Scout and DigitalStakeout Tools.

Data breach monitor analyzes the dark web and other sources for evidence of a exposed credentials.

Detect Leaked Credentials & Mitigate Account Takeovers

  • Customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders will fall victim to a public credential exposure.
  • Once an account takeover is successful, the consequences for your organization can be devastating.
  • Be alerted to compromise, ransomware and data breach situations that warrant an immediate response.

Take Down Sensitive Data Exposure on Digital Channels

  • Protect your digital attack surface with constant monitoring for exposures and incorrectly exposed systems.
  • Monitor common points of exposure to detect when someone unwittingly exposes your organization’s sensitive data.
  • Detect when your organization is mentioned on the dark web, paste sites and other deep web channels.
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Maintain Situational Awareness on Data Breaches

  • Stay aware of the chatter about emerging and active cyber threats to your organization, industry and technology.
  • Use vulnerability intelligence about vulnerabilities, proof of concept code, and 0day attacks to prioritize patching.
  • Monitor for new information about tools, tactics and techniques used by threat actors.

Building a security intelligence capability with DigitalStakeout will help you make better and quicker intelligence-led decisions to reduce your cyber risk.

Your team’s ability to detect external threats to your business, people or customers on digital channels will be 10 times faster. Learn more about the DigitalStakeout platform and our security intelligence solutions.

how certificate transparency logs monitoring with DigitalStakeout Scout works

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