Typosquatting and Doppelganger Domain Search

We’ve updated DigitalStakeout Footprint® with Typosquatting and Doppelganger Domain Search

What is Typosquatting?

Typosquatting is the act of registering a domain name that exploits the misspelling or the character positions of a legitimate domain name. It is also the act of registering a domain name variation that will trick victims during a cyber attack, online fraud, or traffic diversion scheme. For example, a doppelganger domain is a domain spelled identical to a legitimate fully qualified domain name (FQDN), but the dots are in different positions than the legitimate domain.

Identify Look-alike Domains Before Cyber Criminals Act

Does your organization have a solution to detect look-alike domains? Cybercriminals register these domains to target brands and fool unsuspecting users into visiting these sites. Bad actors use registered typosquat and doppelganger domains in phishing attacks, traffic diversion schemes, malware delivery, and other online fraud schemes. Your organization can reduce the impact of typosquatting by registering high-risk domains and redirecting these domains to a legitimate website you control.

example of typosquatted paypal domain dataset
example of typosquatted paypal domain dataset with an IP address

Discover and Take Control of Your Fake Digital Footprint

The digital attack surface is where hackers, threat actors, or unauthorized users can exploit or compromise digital systems. The greater your organizational digital footprint is, the greater the digital risk and the greater attack surface and cyber risk. Your digital attack surface is not only the footprint your organization creates; it’s also the fake digital footprint your cyber adversaries can create and use in cyberattacks, fraud, and traffic diversion.

Search Typosquatting Domains With Ease

We’ve built a typosquatting data set that will be maintained and updated for monitoring, investigation, and analysis. This data contains permutation tactics on millions of domains. Typosquatting variations in this dataset contain bitsquatting, homoglyph, hyphenation, insertion, omission, repetition, replacement, subdomain, transposition and vowel-swapping. When we create permutations, we test the domain’s resolution and update the current IP and network of the domain. Users can query this domain data by Boolean search, extracted entity, or fuzzy match with speed and precision.

DigitalStakeout Footprint® with Typosquatting and Doppelganger Domain Search

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How Does Typosquatting and Doppelganger Domain Monitoring and Alerting Work?

To detect and mitigate typosquatting threats requires constant visibility into registered domain data. Customers can monitor new typosquat domains and filter through the noise. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can monitor your domain footprint, and our technology will help you identify and track the domains that threaten your brand and reputation.

We’re persistently updating this global domain data and making it easier to discover threats. It’s important to manage these risks in real-time. You should be alerted to these discoveries within minutes. Failing to act on a digital threat to your organization can lead to serious reputational and financial impacts. In regulated industries, these incidents can also lead to compliance violations that can come with financial penalties.

DigitalStakeout simplifies digital threat monitoring and alerting. Our proprietary technology automatically detects and alarms customers’ to threats that most digital risk tools & services fail to address or miss. You can investigate certificate logs easily with a Boolean search. DigitalStakeout’s best-in-class customer support gives you access to subject matter expert resources to detect and take action against these and other digital risks to your organization.

how certificate transparency logs monitoring with DigitalStakeout Scout works

Start taking opportunities away from cyber adversaries. to Typosquatting and Doppelganger Visibility