Tracking the Cyber Threat Landscape with DigitalStakeout Scout

The chatter about cyber security and threat intelligence is always changing and noisy. DigitalStakeout Scout makes it easier to keep up with the cyber threat landscape to help you defend what’s most important.

What’s the Cyber Threat Landscape Today?

The cyber threat landscape is continuously changing, and the amount of information is exponentially increasing. For example, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) alerts increased by 600% in 2020. Attacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits are constantly being discussed and shared. Do you know what exploits are discussed the most and why? Do you know what new 0-day is in the wild today and what it’s doing? Who posted a proof of concept on social media with code and tutorial? With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can scale your view into cybersecurity chatter to understand what’s relevant to your IT environment and security situation.

Build a Cyber Threat Intelligence Dashboard

A cyber threat intelligence dashboard will help you identify relevant and actionable cyber threat information. DigitalStakeout’s automated data enrichment extracts CVEs and indicators from content. With a growing library of 100+ pre-defined charts, visualizations, and widgets, it’s easy to visualize what vendors, technologies, networks, and threat actors are being discussed. Whatever topic is trending in cybersecurity (ransomware, phishing, ddos, malware, botnets), it’s easy to tap into valuable insights.

We’ve updated DigitalStakeout Scout® with multi-dashboards, new visualizations and options.
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Track Your Favorite Cyber Threat Intelligence Sources

Every security and risk professional has a favorite set of cyber security information sources. These vendors, researchers and security industry pros provide valuable insights help drive our security incident and response workflows. With DigitalStakeout Scout, it’s easy to create a unified view. It’s easy to track ExploitDB commits, posts from the FireEye Blog and tweets from the Hacker News. Whether you need to track leaked databases shared on Raid Forums or track new Vulnerabilities posted on NVD, you can unify all security relevant content into a real-time and historical source of truth.

Filter Cyber Security Chatter with Precision

Boolean Search, Saved Filters & Entity Pivots

Search your real-time and historical data by full-text boolean search, by entity and by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language. One of the filtering features in DigitalStakeout that saves a lot of time is reusable filters. With reusable filters, you can spend less time focusing on what’s important and actionable. DigitalStakeout automatically extracts and normalizes all collected data into 50+ entity types. Automated data enrichment enables you to spot non-obvious attributes in raw data that create unseen context. Simply query your mention data by these derived fields filter your data with speed and precision.

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How DigitalStakeout Scout is Used for Cyber Intelligence

Bottom line, there’s a lot of information to cover in cyber security and there is less room to get caught flat footed. The three key issues are managing data collection, cutting through the noise and reducing alerts wherever possible. Using DigitalStakeout Scout, you’ll be 80% more productive as we address these three key issues head on. On average, you’ll cut the total cost of ownership and time spent managing a security intelligence capability by 40%. That’s a lot of time and resources that can be re-focused on what’s most important.

Read the case study how we helped one customer use an intelligence-driven approach to improve vulnerability management processes by days.

Unlike other cyber intelligence tools, you can use DigitalStakeout to create the precise cyber intelligence feeds you want to track that align with your organization’s needs and maturity. We keep things simple. Our proprietary technology interrogates these feeds, extracts data as fields, and automatically detects and alarms to what’s important. DigitalStakeout’s best-in-class customer support also gives you access to subject matter expert resources to create the optimal feeds that align with your cybersecurity needs.

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