The Return on Investment (ROI) with DigitalStakeout

No matter the size of your organization, DigitalStakeout enables you to protect what matters most with a positive impact efficiency and improves your bottom-line.

We Understand Your Situation

Whether your are a global enterprise or not, your security resources are usually under-staffed, overworked and fighting for budget. DigitalStakeout Scout is built with these realities in mind. From being a cloud-based solution with no hardware or software to install, easy on-boarding that enables creates immediate value and modular capabilities that can align with you specific security mission, investing in DigitalStakeout makes it an easy decision.

The Business Value of DigitalStakeout Scout

Incorporating DigitalStakeout Scout into your security initiatives and security teams will increase their efficiency and reduce impact on your security budget and business costs. Below are key metrics DigitalStakeout customers communicate that demonstrate the value and return of investment of external threat protection and threat intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout.

1 Month

If you calculate the time your security analysts spend searching for threats online and sifting through data, you’ll quickly come to realize the cost of lost time alone will pay back the tool in less than 1 month.

25% more efficient

With a purpose built threat detection solution, you will notice a 25% increase in external threat management efficiency. You analysts will recover 25% of their time for other security functions.

10x faster detection

Your team’s ability to detect external threats to your business, people or customers on digital channels will be 10 times faster.

50% faster resolution

Your team will be able to respond, triage, and mitigate external threats twice as fast. As a result, you will be building your value and credibility in your organization.

25% less time reporting

Your analysts will enjoy a 25% time savings in curating daily, weekly or monthly threat intelligence & situation reports to leadership.

20% improved detection

At a minimum, your threat detection rate of incidents will increase on digital channels by 20%. The solution will be an integral part of your corporate security strategy.

$500K saved per year

In the time you will be a subscriber of DigitalStakeout, you’ll enjoy a $500K savings from what probably would otherwise be a critical undetected incident.

See DigitalStakeout Scout In Action