Enforce Social Media Compliance

Reducing Digital Risk with Social Media Governance

Organizations and their employees who engage on social media without automated oversight dramatically increase their digital risk. An undetected threat or a social media policy violation can lead to regulatory fines, reputation damage, organizational disruption and lost revenues. To mitigate these risks, every organization should have automated digital risk monitoring that enforces social media policy.

Media Company Enforces Social Media Policy with DigitalStakeout to Reduce Risk

To enforce its social media policy, a media company monitors its own social media accounts and receives alerts of any content posted by the accounts or brand mentions that violate policy. DigitalStakeout Scout detected that an employee posted political commentary from the company primary social media account. Recognizing the negative reputation impact of the posting, an analyst immediately identified the post, ensured the content was immediately removed and worked with the public relations team on appropriate messaging regarding the incident.


Company Monitors its Accounts for Social Media Policy Compliance

The media company is concerned with unsupervised social media accounts. The key issue for the media company is to detect and mitigate inappropriate sharing, inadvertent sharing of confidential information and interactions. Using DigitalStakeout Scout, the media company monitors its digital presence with social media monitoring.


Analysts are Alerted to Policy Violations

Using an end-user configured rule system to enforce policy, DigitalStakeout Scout detects policy violations and immediately alerts analysts of violations. Analysts are quickly able to confirm the post as a social media policy violation. In a particular example, DigitalStakeout Scout detected political commentary being posted from an account which violates social media policy.

Incidents are Reviewed and Processes are Modified

After a real-time alert is sent, analysts determine who is responsible for the posting and ensure the content is removed and document the incident according to company policy. Additionally, analysts escalate incidents to the public relations team to minimize negative reputation impact. The company routinely reviews incidents, social media policies and processes to minimize the occurrence of similar events in the future.