Secure Direct Internet Access

Use DigitalStakeout Securd to secure direct access to the Internet and defend against phishing, ransomware, and web delivered cyber attacks.

Protect Direct Internet Access

Your employees are working from everywhere, accessing cloud apps directly without a VPN. A distributed and decentralized workforce creates a challenge to unify defense against phishing, ransomware, and other malware. Securd offers many deployment options to protect off-network endpoints. Configure protection that best fits your use case by forwarding your DNS, using an agent-less DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) URL for BYOD situations, or installing a lightweight client on your endpoint. Start protecting your end-users from phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks in 5 minutes.

Defend Against Modern Cyber Threats

Without Securd, bad actors mostly have unfettered agility Internet to target your organization. They can stand up new domains, websites, and infrastructure with little or no effort. Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have the resources, patience, and methods to bypass almost all reactive cyber security defenses. To defend against this threat, Securd assumes every domain is hostile and only allows DNS queries for trustworthy domains.

  • Block newly registered, dormant and awakened domains in real-time.
  • Disrupt malware downloads and phishing with delayed DNS resolution by Securd Greywall™.
  • Set zero-trust DNS resolution policies by Securd Rank™.
  • Create implicit deny security policies.
  • Forward DNS logs in real-time to a syslog, SIEM or XDR solution.
  • Integrate with PagerDuty for efficient alerting and incident response.

Reduce VPN Backhaul Costs in the Process

In today’s work environment, your end users need secure direct internet access to cloud applications and content without delay. Your endpoints are mostly off-network, and back-hauling VPN traffic isn’t a cost affordable or scalable option. While direct internet access enables rapid digital transformation, this creates many security challenges. Your organization needs to protect mobile users and secure off-network users. Open and uncontrolled DNS resolution is a security vulnerability. Securd offers DNS-level security to block malicious domains and control access to untrusted resources on the Internet.

Continuously Monitor Direct Access Activity

There doesn’t have to be a trade-off in security with allowing employees direct internet access. With Securd, all Internet access activity is logged. Securd offers a comprehensive query log tool with summary analytics to search quickly and remediate security incidents. Securd logs activity for network-based, roaming client and browser-based endpoints using DNS over HTTPS. You can analyze logs in the Securd portal or forward all your Securd logs into tools like Elastic Siem,, and Splunk.

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