Reducing Malware Infections with Securd DNS Security

Defend against the onslaught of attacks delivered by malicious host names, domains and abusive Internet infrastructure.

Securd Does Not Implicitly Allow Hosts to Be Resolved

The overwhelming majority of domains your endpoints and end-users will ever access on a repeated basis will be a fraction of the what is accessible on the Internet. When you allow access to the less established, trustworthy or new domains things get ugly quick, and your risk of engaging with malicious or compromised hosts increases exponentially. Securd prevents phishing attacks and reduces malware infections like ransomware by reducing the amount of the hostile Internet your endpoints access. DigitalStakeout Securd blocks access to the disposable infrastructure and opportunities cyber criminals have to attack your endpoints.

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No Reliance on IoCs, Signatures or Analysis at Zero Hour

Securd’s DNS Greywall is a timing and asset restriction feature used to offset other security vendor and DNS filtering blind-spots. The proprietary Securd security feature uses observation data and reputation intelligence to determine access to domains and host names. Securd’s Greywall is designed and tuned to mitigate real-time cyber-attacks where end-users and endpoints attempt to connect to phishing sites, ransomware downloads, malware command and control (C2) domains. Securd’s grey wall reduces risk by limiting unwitting end-users from interacting with domains, hostnames, and URLs with zero histories, reputation, or domains generated by an algorithm (DGAs).

Push the Time Curve for Other Cyber Defenses to Catch Up

Securd’s DNS Greywall is a host name and registered domain aware system. Securd’s grey wall knows what hosts and domains are acceptable to connect. It is also aware of new and untrusted hostnames that should not be connected. Securd customers determine the temporary block time of a connection to a grey walled hostname or domain. A temporary block can be as short or as long as the security administrator establishes in a security policy. In most cases, the block is established for a range of 1 hour to 72 hours. This temporary block provides security tools, anti-virus, and the information security community to discover, assess, and distribute protection or intelligence to mitigate a cyber threat.

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Real-time Threat Intelligence Updates

DigitalStakeout leverages a proprietary AI + Ecosystem approach to threat intelligence and defense. In addition to our threat research, we continuously feed threat intelligence into our platform from the Spamhaus Project and other world leading cyber security companies. Securd offers protection on fifteen cyber threat categories. As a customer, you can import your own domain and network level blacklists and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that can be published to block threats across our anycast network in seconds.

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