Protective DNS for MSPs and MSSPs

Protect your managed service clients from Internet threats such as phishing, ransomware, spyware, crypto-jacking and adware with Securd Protective DNS.

Improve Customer Security, Create Value and Increase Revenue

In today’s cyber threat landscape, Protective DNS is a must-do cyber security countermeasure. If your client is using their ISP recursive DNS, they are at increased breach risk. If your customer endpoints, servers and devices can resolve and connect to any random domain on the Internet, they have a major cybersecurity vulnerability. Using DigitalStakeout Securd Protective DNS as part of your managed service, you will immediately improve client security and increase your value. The recurring revenue from delivering this proactive security service will improve your manage service business cash-flow and bottom-line.

Multi-Tenant Design with Per Customer Data & Policy Isolation

Securd is built with multi-tenancy management to increase scalability, reduce cost for service providers. If you are a MSP, MSSP, or larger organization you can manage multiple environments from a single pane of glass. Securd multi-tenant architecture provides every tenant with isolated Securd Protection including asset awareness, settings, security policies and data. Securd makes it easy to add new tenants by limiting the manual work needed and increasing time-to-value for the end customers. Service providers can deploy Securd protection to a new tenant in minutes!

Security Capabilities that Protect Clients and the Bottom Line

While there are some common security features in the DNS security industry, new capabilities and strategies must defend against modern threats. Bad actors mostly have unfettered agility Internet. They can stand up new domains, websites, and infrastructure with little or no effort. Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have the resources, patience, and methods to bypass almost all reactive defenses. Assume everything is hostile first. Assume your traditional antivirus, firewall and endpoint defenses will likely fail to mitigate unseen and emerging threats.

The Simplest MSP Pricing Model in the Industry

DigitalStakeout Securd’s pay as you scale pricing simple, fair and unrestricted. There are no security or integration feature restrictions for paid subscribers. Small MSPs can offer clients enterprise grade protective DNS without having to deal with complex licensing schemes and upfront start-up costs. At $2/month per endpoint, the price to value of all the security features at your disposal are unmatched.  Check our details about DigitalStakeout Securd pricing.

Security Features

  • Zero Trust Protection
  • Timed Grey Wall for New Domains
  • 15+ Security Categories
  • URL Level Blocking
  • DNSSEC Enforcement
  • Implicit Deny/Allow Egress
  • Custom Allow Lists
  • Custom Block List
  • Domain/Hostname Blocking
  • IP/CIDR Blocking
  • Real-time Analytics & Logs
  • Historical Passive DNS Logs
  • SIEM/Log Analysis Integration
  • Incident Response Tool Integration

Deployment Features

  • Cloud-Based SaaS
  • Simple Web-Based UI
  • Multi-Tenant/ Multi-Site Support
  • 100% Uptime Global Anycast DNS
  • 10ms Query Response Times
  • Real-time Policy Changes
  • IPv4/IPv6 Support
  • DoH & DoT Support
  • Custom TTLs
  • Multiple Policies Per IP
  • Custom DoH Urls
  • Agent/Agent-less Deployment Options

Start taking opportunities away from cyber adversaries.

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