Monitor Social Media for Operational Risk

Transportation Company Identifies Operational Risk Through Monitoring Location-Based Social Media

An analyst of a transportation company identifies risk indicating content posted on the route of a transport of high-value materials. With DigitalStakeout, the analysts are alerted to viral content indicating large scale traffic blockages effecting the security and timely transport of the delivery. Recognizing the traffic blockage identified a significant operational risk, the analyst was able to make contact with the transportation manager and field personnel to redirect the transportation to a more secure route resulting in timely delivery.

Transportation Company Geo-Fences Traffic Routes

Each of the company’s primary shipping and receiving locations and major transportation routes are monitored for any social content pertaining to operational risks such as traffic blockage, traffic accident, traffic lights and power outage.

Automated Risk Detection Alerts of Hazards

DigitalStakeout’s Intelligent Discovery and alerting mechanism alerts analysts of the presence viral content on social media indicating a significant traffic blockage along an active transportation route. Analyst are able to correlate posts to traffic maps to determine the exact location and span of traffic blockages.

Operational Risk is Proactively Mitigated

The transportation company is able to mitigate the operational risk; transportation security and delayed delivery by notifying the transportation team and modifying traffic routes resulting in a secure and timely delivery of cargo.