Major Utility Company Adjusts Resources Based on Real-time Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Gone are the days of simply phoning in to report a utility outage. Using DigitalStakeout Scout, a major utility company is identifying outages and customer service sentiment from social media channels. The company’s customer service management team utilizes data obtained from DigitalStakeout with other sources, like phone calls, to obtain a complete and clear picture of outages and areas of concern. With a clearer and complete picture, the utility company adjusts resources accordingly to restore services and mitigate a negative reputation impact.

Monitoring Customer Feedback on Social Media

The utility company’s brand and own social media accounts are monitored to be responsive to customer feedback posted on social media channels.

Customer Service Management Reviews Sentiment

Using DigtalStakeout Scout entity analytics and word list scoring, the management team was able to identify outages posted on social data channels and focus in on customer sentiment.

Turning Analytics into Action to Protect Brand Reputation

Obtaining information about outages through social media channels alongside other sources of data, the customer service management team was able to adjust resources to restore services and mitigate a negative reputation impact.