Media Company Discovers Intellectual Property Leak on the Dark Web

With DigitalStakeout, a content production analyst of a major media company discovers a pre-release copy of a movie production on the dark web. The analyst was able to review the quality of the video to determine it was a legitimate pre-release copy provided to production members. Recognizing the negative financial impact of the movie on a secondary source, the media company acted immediately to identify the source of the leak.

Pre-Release Production Names and Markers Monitored

Each of the company’s production internal and external names and specific intellectual property loss terminology was monitored across social, deep and dark web data sources.

Entity Level Filtering Enhances Triage Capabliities

DigitalStakeout’s enriched metadata provided source information for the analyst to focus in on the dark website of data leak more closely. The analyst was able to determine the company had no additional loss of intellectual property on the site.

Intellectual Property Loss Processes & Coverage Modified

The identification of the intellectual property allowed the company to mitigate a negative financial impact, add to the knowledge base of the specific site where content resided and may reside in the future and improve its procedures in the dissemination of production content pre-release.