Detect Imposter Accounts Targeting Executives

Defend Your Brand to Maintain Trust

There are millions of accounts that impersonate real people on social media platforms and social websites. Products, celebrities, politicians and high-profile executives are the usual targets of this threat. Situational imposters also create fake accounts for the simple goal of sowing discord during incidents that have the general public’s or media’s attention. Organizations should always have an acute understanding of what digital presence is associated to their brand, product, organization and personnel.

An Energy Customer is Always Monitoring For Imposters

A security team of an energy company discovers an imposter account on social media with DigitalStakeout; an account utilizing the company and Chief Executive Officer’s name. The creation of the account at a time when the company was in the news for its business activity. There was a heightened the need to ensure accurate information from any and all company affiliated social media accounts. The company feared posting from the imposter account would have a negative effect on the reputation of the well respected and highly regarded Chief Executive Officer and the company. It was also feared the account could be weaponized an become a cyber threat.


Security Team Monitors for Online Risk

Using DigitalStakeout Scout, the company’s corporate and cyber security team reviews and monitors social, deep and dark web data channels for any references to the Chief Executive Officer’s personal identifying information such as name, company, title, and address. Social media governance policies require regular review of the executive’s digital footprint and the team must be alerted to any new digital presence detected.

Security Team Reviews Suspicious Posts

Using the combination of data normalization and user-defined alerting in DigitalStakeout Scout, the security team created automated rules for situations that would require immediate attention. Any post sourcing from social media with the profile name matching the CEO of the company needed to be reviewed. Scout enabled this to scale as known handles, profiles and trusted sources of information could be excluded to reduce the review workload. This collection and filtering approach enabled the security team to focus on posts of high relevance.

Alerting Turns into a Take-down Action

The presence of an an imposter account is considered an abusive action. Once an abusive account is discovered, an abuse ticket can be filed with the social network to suspend the account. This continuous control now mitigates a multitude of risks of a malicious post coming from an imposter account targeting the company’s CEO.