Energy Company Discovers Chief Executive Officer Imposter Account on Social Media

An executive security team of an energy company discovers an imposter account on social media with DigitalStakeout; an account utilizing the company and Chief Executive Officer’s name. The creation of the account at a time when the company was in the news for its business activity heightened the need to ensure accurate information from any and all company affiliated social media accounts. The company feared posting from the imposter account would have a negative effect on the reputation of the well respected and highly regarded Chief Executive Officer and the company. It was also feared the account could be weaponized an become a cyber threat.

Executive Protection Team Monitors for Digital Risk

The company monitors social, deep and dark web data channels for any references to the Chief Executive Officer’s personal identifying information such as name, company, title, and address. Social media governance policies require regular review of the executive’s digital footprint.

Executive Security Team Reviews Digital Footprint

DigitalStakeout’s Canvass tool enabled the team to review hundreds of social media sites quickly and efficiently. Given no other imposter accounts were identified at the same time, the team was able to certify the event as an isolated imposter account incident.

Discovery Turns into a Take-down Action

The presence of this type of account was a violation of the social media provider’s terms of service. To mitigate risk additional posting from the account may have caused to the Chief Executive Officer and/or company, DigitalStakeout coordinated an immediate take-down of the account with the abuse team of the social media provider.