Reduce Privacy & Physical Security Risk

Financial Company Mitigates Employee Safety Risk From Use of Location-Based Social Media

A corporate security analyst of a financial company, responsible for travel security, discovers a physical security risk through DigitalStakeout. The analyst identifies a social media post from an individual who lists the company as his employer. The post, geo-enabled, contains a check in at a restaurant in an international travel location. Geo-enabled social media content by employees while on travel details pose a physical security risk to the safety of the employee and the company by revealing locations in which the company is conducting confidential business meetings.

Company Monitors for Over Sharing & Privacy Exposures

Using DigitalStakeout Scout, the company monitors location-based social media for any references or mentions to the company’s name or brands. Accounts that have the company’s brand mentioned in their profiles are screened for compliance to the company’s social media security policy.

Real-time Alerting Detects Privacy & Safety Risk

By utilizing DigitalStakeout’s workflow rules and alerts, the analyst was alerted to the presence of geo-enabled posts in an employee’s account. The process detected a public check-in at a restaurant by an employee during an international business trip.

Company Mitigates Privacy Risk and Enhances Security Training

The analyst was able to act immediately; contacting the employee and explaining the physical security risk posed to the employee and the company. From the event, the company developed training for its employees on the risks of geo-enabled social media content to minimize future risk. The company also developed controls to ensure it’s mobile devices had social media application location services disabled.