Financial Company Augments Customer Service Process with Social Media Analytics

A customer service manager of a financial company analyzes customer sentiment on its social media channels. The manager utilizes DigitalStakeout analytics to visualize the sentiment over a specific time period. Understanding the reputation impact of negative customer service interactions, the financial company used the information in correlation with customer service data to improve customer service techniques and training.

Customer Service Engagement Monitored

The financial company’s brand engagements and financial and customer service terminology were monitored to be responsive to customer feedback posted on social channels managed by the company. DigitalStakeout Scout was configured monitored for keywords, hashtags and screen names associated to the company.

Manager Reviews Negative Sentiment Trends

Using DigitalStakeout Scout analytics, the manager was able to focus in on customer service feedback during a specific period of time and visualize customer sentiment. The manager could isolate posts that we’re extremely negative and focus on improving support engagement workflow.

Mitigating Business Risk with Social Media Analytics

Learning of the negative interactions from the customer service sentiment analytics, the company utilized the information in conjunction with customer service data to identify specific interactions to perform enhanced quality assurance. The combination of this data allowed the company to focus on improving customer service techniques and training for improving customer service sentiment.