Improve Executive Protection with Intelligence

Executive Protection Team Mitigates CEO Disclosing Exact Location

Protecting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company from threats is the ultimate responsibility of an Executive Protection team. But the mission becomes that much more difficult when the CEO puts him or herself at risk. With DigitalStakeout, an Executive Protection team identified the CEO’s social media postings routinely disclosing his exact location. Geo-enabled social media content by any member of a organization who has a protective detail poses a physical security risk to the safety of the protectee, Executive Protection team and the company.

Executive Protection Team Monitors for OPSEC Risk

Using DigitalStakeout Scout, the team created monitors to detect any references to the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO’s social media accounts were also monitored for identification of any and all threats.

Real-time Alerting Warns of Immediate Risk

Using DigitalStakeout Scout rules and alerting, the Executive Protection Team received email alerts on posts of concern from CEO’s social media account. After receiving numerous alerts in a short time frame, the team leader became aware the CEO’s exact location could derived from meta-data in the CEO’s public social media posts.

Mitigating the Risk and Improving Security Awareness

The team leader was able to act immediately; contacting the CEO and explaining the physical security risk posed to him. The CEO altered the posting by removing references to the location as well as the exact geo-enabled location marker. From the event, the Executive Protection team developed training for its protectees on the risks of geo-enabled social media postings to minimize future risk.