DNS over HTTPS Security

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) increases privacy, use DigitalStakeout Securd to make sure it doesn’t become a security risk and a blind spot.

What is DNS over HTTPS?

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) enables web browsers to send DNS requests as normal-looking HTTPS traffic to special DoH-compatible DNS servers (called DoH resolvers). DoH is useful to prevent eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS traffic. Since this traffic is encrypted and blends in with other HTTPS traffic to websites, it is difficult for cybercriminals to determine what network traffic contain DNS requests.

Deploy DoH for Users Without the Risk

Securd offers robust DoH deployment support. With Securd, you don’t have to compromise on the loss of enterprise security controls for privacy. With Securd, customers can generate policy specific DoH URLs to protect remote end users, BYOD devices, and browsers with the same security and visibility. Securd DoH can be configured in minutes with no software to install. With our global anycast network, DoH is delivered at blazing fast 10ms performance.

  • Policy Specific DoH URLs
  • Detailed DoH Activity Logging
  • Unify Visibility with Other DNS Telemetry Data


DoH with Advance DNS Security

The DigitalStakeout Securd proprietary grey wall & DNS system is the first of its kind. Advanced bad actors carefully plan their attacks to avoid being detected by security products. In many cases, they can go up to 21 days or more without detection. DigitalStakeout Securd blocks untrusted domains from interacting with your end-users for 1 minute to 120+ days. This temporary block provides you valuable time and the security capabilities to defend against emerging threats while your end users are kept safe from connecting to potentially unknown and potentially malicious domains.

DoH Configuration Options

  • Use DoH as a deployment option over ipv4 and ipv6 protocols.
  • Securd DoH does not result in loss of DNS performance, security, visibility, or control.
  • Securd log all DoH requests in real-time for unified DNS visibility, investigation and analysis.
  • DoH is deployed on an global anycast network assuring low latency performance.
  • Administrators can create DoH URLs and apply unique polices to each DoH address.

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