College Mitigates Threat by Detecting Manifesto with Deep Web Monitoring

DigitalStakeout Scout Intelligent Discovery feature alerts a security team of a college to a planned shooting manifesto.  The manifesto, collected from deep web forum, identified the college by name, indicated the imminence of shooting being carried out and various details of the method by which the shooting would take place.

In spite of the manifesto posted anonymously on the forum, the security team was able to develop an immediate response strategy coordinated with local, state and federal law enforcement efforts.  These efforts minimized the threat and allowed for further investigative follow up to identify the shooter.​

College Monitors Mentions of Brand and Sites on Deep & Dark Web

Mentions of the college name and campus specific keywords were monitored on deep and dark web sites. The college wanted to be alerted to any threatening content on sites of concern. DigitalStakeout Scout workflow rules were configured to alert matches that required immediate response.

The Security Team Detects & Acts on Critical Intelligence

DigitalStakeout’s detected and alerted the college security team with the exact post on the forum referencing the college and where the manifesto was located. While the post was anonymous and could not be attributed to an individual, the college was able to get critical details about the planned attack.

Using Deep Web Monitoring A Physical Threat is Mitigated

As the threat was deemed credible and imminent, the security team developed an immediate response strategy and coordinated a response with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The collaborative response efforts by all parties involved minimized the threat to the college and the threat actor was identified by law enforcement.