Enabling a Global Crisis and Risk Management Solution Provider

Multi-Tenant Solution to Protect Clients

80% Reduction in Analyst Time

3 Platforms Consolidated

Adding organizational threat monitoring to the portfolio

Odin Enterprises is a global crisis and risk management solution provider. The primary objective of the company is to provide its clients with a comprehensive security program that incorporates organizational threat monitoring into an overall solution. Some examples are:

  • Protect organizations, people, and facilities from threats originating online.
  • Utilize the best monitoring technology and marry it with highly trained-in-house analysis.
  • Gain critical 24/7 visibility to see early warning signs of emerging threats using social and other online interactions.
  • Aggregate information and create a full picture of client exposures.
  • Leverage powerful AI and automation and assist with efficient monitoring.

The Need for a Security Intelligence Solution

Clients’ desire to be able to prevent and mitigate workplace violence is at the core of Odin’s need to use DigitalStakeout. Their focus is on workplace violence prevention through training, education, planning, security assessments, and monitoring. They train their clients to identify and respond to behaviors of concern, so intervention can occur before any violence happens. As a part of their solution, Odin’s clients must have daily, persistent threat and crisis monitoring integrated with their workplace violence prevention solution and security policy advisory. Without this open source intelligence (OSINT) tool, Odin’s clients would have substantial gaps in their security, and their risk exponentially increases.

Moving from Three Platforms to One Solution

Odin explored other options before using DigitalStakeout, and three different tools were necessary to obtain the same comprehensive coverage and solutions offered by DigitalStakeout’s single platform. Odin can get everything they need to provide a real-time monitoring solution with just their subscription to DigitalStakeout. Odin determined DigitalStakeout comprehensiveness and overall superiority in comparison to other similar platforms. Still, other things that factored heavily into the process was the ability to customize DigitalStakeout, the reliability of the results, the excellent customer support, and the overall total cost of ownership.

The Benefits and Outcome of Choosing DigitalStakeout

Odin was up and running shortly after subscribing, and well within their expected time frame. Odin leans heavily on the workflows, the automated notification system, and the filters within the workflows to implement the DigitalStakeout solution for their clients. They are also looking forward to extensively utilizing AI-derived word lists, and the ability to extend their visibility into each client by monitoring client provided data from internal systems. Currently, Odin is using DigitalStakeout daily to serve the needs of its clientele.

Odin uses DigitalStakeout to save time and increase productivity and passes it along to their clients, who do not need to dedicate and train in-house personnel to do the monitoring and analysis to follow up on any relevant threat information. Odin’s competitive advantage is increased, in part, due to the comprehensive nature of the DigitalStakeout platform and the significant time saved by analysts. They can use fewer analysts to protect their clients, and the analysts who use DigitalStakeout spend 80% less time working inside DigitalStakeout compared with other platforms.

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