Join hundreds of organizations that use DigitalStakeout bring clarity to situations of uncertainty and uncover opportunities to protect what matters most. With the most diverse data access in the market, we’ll help you protect your brand, employees, assets and reputation by alerting you to high risk events we detect on digital channels – social media, blogs, forums and the dark web.

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Cyber  Threat Scout

For security operations and threat intelligence analysts that need visibility on external digital footprint to detect and take down cyber threats.

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Physical Threat Scout

For physical security, executive protection and travel safety analysts that need visibility into social media, blogs and forums to protect people and places.

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Public Safety Scout

For first responders and intelligence analysts that need visibility into public incidents through social media to protect and engage with citizens.

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Business Risk Scout

For brand managers, marketing and risk management teams that need visibility on digital channels to protect reputation and customer experience.

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