• Adam Mikrut

Detect Fraudulent Sites & Domain Abuse With Front Page Monitor

This update is big for customers using DigitalStakeout Scout for brand protection, digital risk protection, and attack surface management. We have a new module available, FrontPage Monitor.

Discovering When New Domains Go Live With Content

The problem we are solving here is best illustrated with the current Ukraine crisis. As the situation escalates, hundreds of new domains are being registered. As in most cases, a few of the "Ukraine" domains are registered by legitimate organizations, and the majority of these domains will likely be used to scam people for donations, and cybercriminals will use these sites to deploy phishing and other cyber attacks.

Reviewing individual domains is not an effective, efficient, or safe way to determine if these domains are parked, creating content, or have links to other entities such as bitcoin wallets or social media accounts. This linked data is crucial to the investigative workflow and take-down process.

Leveraging the DigitalStakeout Front Page Website Index

One of our core data sources is a proprietary global domain and web intelligence index. This index consists of 3 billion records. We continuously collect, enrich and structure technical domain and web intelligence and update all these records. With this monitor, we are leveraging our Front Page index.

Front Page Monitor continuously polls our Front Page index of 250 million+ up-to-date registered domain website descriptions. This monitoring module will detect the presence of a brand, phrase, or keyword indexed by a search engine like Google or Bing. Once you deploy this monitor, DigitalStakeout Footprint's database will be continuously polled and publish matching domains into your result archive.

As we re-index and test domains every day, they are updated with updated descriptions and appended metadata. When parked domains go live, they will be automatically indexed and updated.

As you can see in the example above, the sample feed of "Ukraine" shows domains with a high-risk ranking, published content, and in some cases, containing social media meta-data. We're also not feeding on "Ukraine" in the domain name. This monitor enables you to detect the use of a brand name or topic where fraudsters cannot use evasive techniques.

This vantage point enables investigative and take-down routes that help you focus on the highest impact risks with the most web and social visibility.

Save Time and Effort with Automated Detection of New Domains

During our pre-launch, our test customers saved 90% of the time and effort discovering new and weaponized domains and nearly doubled their existing visibility into active threats.

Continuous discovery is fully automated, and domain feeds are de-duplicated. Once your matching domains publish into the DigitalStakeout Scout platform, you can use the existing tagging, alerting, and workflow features to work your take-downs.

We recommend the Front Page Monitor be used in the following use cases:

Digital Brand Protection: Mitigate online fraud and brand abuse.

Digital Risk Protection: Discover digital footprint and manage digital risk.

Attack Surface Management: Inventory and protect your external attack surface.

If you need any help setting up new feeds and alerts, please reach out to us, and a team member will help you as soon as possible.