DigitalStakeout Locus™

Search Social Media by Location

Many organizations struggle with the need to identify and mitigate risk related to specific geographies. Public location-based channels provide the opportunity to audit or review a location on-demand for localized information. DigitalStakeout Locus is a simple but powerful, location-based search tool that enables analysts to quickly search and filter global public location based social media & web content by location.

  • Search and pivot to any location in the world by time and place.
  • Filter data by data source, extracted entity or by Boolean text search.
  • Search natively geo-tagged and proprietary geo-inffered DigitalStakeout data.
  • Create bookmarks to save routinely reviewed places.

Unlike any other location-based social media search tool, Locus contains data that you will not find with any provider. DigitalStakeout’s proprietary data enrichment technology extracts and performs geo-tagging of content without any native geo-point data.  With locus you can find web content, social media, news, and dark web posts that are associated to a location.

You can extend Locus with persistent monitoring of your locations with DigitalStakeout Scout. If your organization needs support to detect specific threats and exposures at specific locations and events, contact us about our Digital Risk Protection solution.

DigitalStakeout Locus is product in the DigitalStakeout Tools bundle.

DigitalStakeout Location Based Search is subject to use-case approval per each supported data provider. Government subscribers are subject to DigitalStakeout responsible use controls.

See Demo of Location Based Search