Use DigitalStakeout Footprint to access real-time domain and Internet intelligence to accelerate incident response and remediate cyber threats faster.

DigitalStakeout Footprint™

Use DigitalStakeout Footprint to access real-time domain and Internet intelligence to accelerate incident response and remediate cyber threats faster.

On-Demand Search to Global Domain & IP Intelligence

DigitalStakeout Footprint provides on-demand search to the billions of records of public data we collect and use to deliver our cyber security solutions. With global visibility into DNS traffic with DigitalStakeout Securd and DigitalStakeout Scout proprietary data collectors, we are continuously scanning and crawling the Internet to help customers detect and mitigate external risk. Our data collection processes are fully automated and our search indexes are updated in real-time. DigitalStakeout Footprint is organized in domain/content specific search engines. Threat hunters and security analysts can search and export the structured and sanitized data that we’ve collected and normalized on-demand in a simple web-based UI.

Extend DigitalStakeout Footprint with persistent monitoring of your public attack surface with DigitalStakeout Scout.

Search and Investigate with OSINT Tools

Unlike Censys, SecurityTrials, Shodan, Spyse or GreyNoise, we do not make our cyber data public. We will not enable nefarious individuals and malicious threat actors to use our data to target & exploit their unsuspecting victims.

Registered Domain Names

Over a 100,000 new domains are registered every day. Boolean search through 300 million+ registered domains in DigitalStakeout Footprint. Each domain record is maintained and linked with indicators making it easy to pivot to IP Address, network, and linked DNS A, AAAA, MX, NS and TXT records.

Forward DNS Names & Subdomains

Search through 1.5 billion+ host name records in DigitalStakeout Footprint. Each forward DNS record is continuously updated for its corresponding CNAME or A record, IP address and linked properties such as subdomain, TLD and other meta-data.

Certificate Transparency Logs

CTL logs are produced in real-time by Cloudflare, Google, DigiCert, Let’s Encrypt. Search billions of Certificate Transparency Logs of certificates being created, updated, and expired. DigitalStakeout Footprint CTL logs are parsed and enriched for easy on-demand search.

Typosquat Domains

Typosquatting are domains typically used for phishing, brand abuse and traffic diversion. DigitalStakeout maintains a database on the top 1 million domains. Examine a domain’s potential bitsquatting, homoglyph, hyphenation, insertion, omission, repetition, replacement, subdomain, transposition and vowel-swapping. Search domains to examine exposure and number of active domains with resolving IP addresses.

Direct IP Server Exposures

In today’s threat landscape and digital sprawl, organizations are unwittingly exposing cloud-based systems directly to the Internet. In many cases, organizations may have a false sense of security by thinking a server is protected by a WAF or DDOS mitigation service only to learn direct IPs are left exposed. DigitalStakeout IoT Content data store enables security analysts to find digital properties that are serving content directly over IP address.

Website Frontpage Descriptions

Discovering an inventory of websites that use your brand name with Google or any open-source tool is difficult or practically impossible. The DigitalStakeout Frontpage™ index is an current inventory of the front pages of millions of websites. Save hours of tedious work discovering your brand online with a simple query. Search, pivot and investigate through linked elements like IP, network, social media links, or meta-data with ease.

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