DigitalStakeout Chatter™

For security and risk professionals that need to discover open-source information with a time-based search engine with extensive filtering options from 25 million+ sources from the web.

Search the Chatter of the Internet

monitoring 4chan chatterDigitalStakeout’s proprietary data collectors are continuously scanning and crawling the web, social media, dark web websites, and internet infrastructure. As we discover domains, host names, we index this content in out DigitalStakeout Chatter search engine.

DigitalStakeout Chatter enables you to search and investigate over millions of new pieces of content from the web. With millions of security relevant posts added hourly, DigitalStakeout does the hard work by rapidly collecting and this data to make it easy to quickly search and pivot through.

DigitalStakeout Chatter has many layers of searchable public content. This content is parsed, normalized and sanitized so users can search for information without having to browse risky or compromised sites.

  • Millions of real-time updates and posts from mainstream public social media sources.
  • Continuous updates from 1,000,000+ blogs, news, forums, and other websites from the surface web.
  • Posts from dark web websites and the deep web such as 4chan, Pastebin and Tor.

Extend DigitalStakeout Chatter with persistent monitoring with DigitalStakeout Scout.

DigitalStakeout Chatter is product in the DigitalStakeout Tools bundle. This product only contains publicly available content.

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