Sentiment Analytics & Reputation Risk Insights

Understand the context of sentiment, reputation and hate in your DigitalStakeout Scout mention data.

measure the sentiment of your mentions

Measure the sentiment and tone of your mention data.

Sentiment analysis provide the opportunity to spot the most important conversations, topics and mentions that have the potential for reputational impact. DigitalStakeout Scout enables to track sentiment across all your data or a single feed. On-demand analytics help you spot trends that can negatively impact reputation, revenue or the physical security of people.

Analyze the negative for deeper insights and better awareness.

We live in a digital world where toxic and hateful content is unfortunately all too common. Reputation risk signatures expand on your negative mention data. DigitalStakeout Scout automated enrichment and data classification automatically tag this very negative content. DigitalStakeout Scout spots high risk, offensive and volatile content. On-demand pivot analytics enable you to visualize this data to spot different dimensions by time, feed, and data source.

analyze the breakout of sentiment
drill down negative mentions

Filter any of your data to discover negative, hateful and offensive mentions.

DigitalStakeout automatically extracts and normalizes your data into 50+ entity types, including sentiment. DigitalStakeout Scout automated data enrichment tags each mention by sentiment analysis. Simply query your mention data by sentiment or reputation risk tag. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can quickly filter down to content that warrants the most attention before crisis strikes.

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