Real-time Search

Monitor your attack surface in real-time. Investigate and analyze your data in one place.

Tail, search and pivot through all of your aggregated and normalized monitor data in one location in real-time.

Search and Analyze Your Monitor Data

Perform unified analysis on all of your monitor data or data from a single monitor. Search your real-time and historical monitor data by full-text search, by entity and by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language.

Filter by Entity & Custom Tag

DigitalStakeout automatically extracts and normalizes your data into 50+ entity types. Simply query your event data by these derived fields to isolate the context you need to investigate your data. With user-defined tags, you can easily identify the events that are most relevant and meaningful to you and your team.

Saved Filters

You want to save time on routine searches that you perform on day-to-day analysis. You also may want to save an important view while pivoting through your data. Console filters enable you name and save your search pattern for future use.

integrated management
Modular Design

Build a customized security threat intelligence capability with the monitors you need – you are in control.

Comprehensive Coverage

Maintain the broadest and most integrated visibility into your threat landscape on social media, the web and cyber sources.

Unified Visibility

Unify your threat analysis and save a countless amount of time analyzing data. Monitor events affecting your organization in real-time.

Real-time Alerting

The threat landscape is volatile and threats can emerge at any moment. With DigitalStakeout’s real-time alerting you’ll be the first to know.

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