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Web Presence Monitoring

Monitor for unauthorized social media and website accounts associated to your brand and employees.


Our proprietary Canvass technology discovers owned and unauthorized web facing accounts associated with your brand and employees. With web presence monitor, you can persistently inventory, alert and get support to investigate or take down accounts that increase privacy risk or that are malicious, fraudulent or infringe on your brand.

Mitigate Digital Risk with Persistent Web Presence Monitoring

In today’s connected world, it’s critical that your customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders do not unwittingly follow, friend and engage with fraudulent or imposter accounts. Web Presence monitor performs automated discovery of 750+ popular public facing social networks and websites. Web Presence monitor will scan, analyze and alert you to new discoveries and high risk situations 24 x 7.

  • Inventory your company, brand, product and executive account web presence
  • Save hours of work with automated coverage monitoring 750+ sites
  • Maintain a centralized knowledge-base of attributed & verified accounts
  • Receive support to take down accounts that are abusive or infringe on your brand

web presence monitor

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