Scout Monitors for Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring

Web monitoring can be executed in a variety of forms to listen and analyze public content being posted on web sites, SaaS applications, search engines, content delivery networks, and other Internet services. Today the web is made of 300 million+ registered domains, 100+ million active websites and 25 million+ blogs. Web monitoring can also be referred to in different ways such as Web Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

With no software to install, you can configure Web Monitors in a simple web-based UI to establish the coverage you need to collect public data from the Web. Scout will automatically collect Web data, enrich the content, classify and tag content that is a threat.

DigitalStakeout Scout Web Monitors are segregated by category, complexity of processing and data collection required to deliver the web monitoring capability. The results that your active monitors produce are called mentions (each individual result record). Mentions are processed by DigitalStakeout’s proprietary technology to enrich the collected content and detect threats.

  • Minimize time and effort in identifying incidents on the Web. Get notified instantly when set occurrences of an issue occur.
  • Identify unexpected content that is negative, fraudulent or threatening.
  • Identify the severity of web incidents and resolve them based on scope and impact.
  • Classify web content based on source and keyword match. Mitigate noise with easy monitor exclusion and filters.

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