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Domain Name Monitoring

Monitor for malicious domain name registrations targeting your brand, employees and customers.


Domain name monitor discovers owned and third-party domain registrations associated to your brand and employees. With domain name monitor, you can persistently inventory, alert and get support to investigate or take down domains that increase privacy risk or that are malicious, fraudulent or infringe on your brand.

Mitigate Digital Risk with Persistent Domain Monitoring

Maintaining situational awareness on new domain registrations is an essential point of digital risk mitigation. Bad actors will register domains that resemble your trusted domains to target your organization and customers. Domain name monitor performs automated discovery of registered gTLDs, ccTLDs and subdomains that are similar to your domain name. Domain name monitor will scan, analyze and alert you to new discoveries and high risk situations 24 x 7.

  • Inventory your domain footprint with an automated discovery
  • Be alerted as soon as matches to your risk criteria are discovered
  • Receive expert support triage, analyze and prioritize confirmed threats

Quickly and easily create analytics against target collections or monitors to create intuitive and meaningful visualizations of threat and risk data.

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