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Data Breach Monitoring

Detect exposed username and password credentials leaked & being sold online.


Data breach monitor analyzes the dark web and other sources for evidence of a exposed credentials. With data breach breach monitor, continuously monitor and be alerted to exposures. React quickly to protect your data, services, reputation and minimize financial impact.

Prevent Account Takeover with Persistent Data Breach Monitoring

With over a billion leaked credentials online, its likely your customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders will unwittingly fall victim to a public credential exposure and a account take over attempt. Once an account takeover is successful using username and password, the consequences for your organization can be devastating. Data breach monitor will scan, analyze and alert you to data breach detections that warrant an immediate response.

  • Automatically monitor for evidence of a data breach associated to your organization and personnel
  • Detect exposure of sensitive data such as username and passwords
  • Be alerted as soon as matches to your criteria are discovered
  • Track discovered breaches from detection through to remediation with workflows and an audit trail

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